Our mission is guided by a set of values.

Our colleagues are our broader family, assist when needed and when in need.

Respect our colleagues and our clients as you would like to be respected.

Realising potential
Unlock your full potential, encourage and support your colleagues.

Embrace change
Strive for excellence; be open-minded and willing to embrace change.

Health and Energy
Work towards being well balanced within yourself.

Our purpose at OBrien is to create a place where people can facilitate growth. We’re committed to delivering the best in training and support to our people, building a world-class team of professionals and assisting our people to achieve outstanding results.

Our culture is built around a solid set of ethics that underpin who we are and who we do business with and it’s these values and mutuality, realising potential, embracing change, family, health and energy that are stapled into Josh Phegan’s training.

The Josh Phegan training platform has been developed over 8 years, taking into account the growth of our people, ensuring our peoples continued to realise their potential whilst embracing the changes in the real estate profession.

Josh Phegan is a world-class professional real estate and business coach, in our minds, he is Australia’s best at what he does. Josh has been an integral part of our people’s growth and results reflecting on the success of our brand.

Everything we do in our organisations is aligned with our purpose and guided by our values.

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